The pressures to keep up with peers and to achieve superior results from studies are growing concerns for students and their parents. This pressure may be exacerbated if accompanied by restlessness and inattention.

Cognitive stimulants* are regularly used by students and young adults to manage symptoms associated with inattention and restlessness, and to improve their ability to concentrate and learn. While these can work effectively for some, the negative effects while using, and withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, irritability, mood swings and nausea can be of significant concern.

KeenMind is a natural herbal extract that may help students to stay focussed, improve their concentration, improve their learning and recall, and help them remain calm and in control of their studies. The benefits of KeenMind for improving concentration and cognition have been demonstrated in clinical and scientific studies, and indicate that it is a promising option to support the needs of students who want to stay calm, focussed, and on top of their workload.

Recent clinical trials have shown positive concentration, memory and cognitive enhancing effects of KeenMind, some of these also demonstrating an improved mood effect. Both mood and cognitive processes are important for concentration and learning.

In several scientific studies, KeenMind has shown improvements in memory and cognition, while having a calming effect. In addition, studies have shown that KeenMind/CDRI 08™ extract may also be neuroprotective, helping to protect the brain from oxidative stress.

Bacopa is a widely known herb in traditional Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine and for centuries has been regularly used in India by students, and provided to children by their parents as a nerve tonic, for healthy mood, and to improve concentration, memory and to heighten learning capacity.

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*e.g. coffee / caffeine, energy drinks, cigarette smoking