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Central Drug Research Institute

The Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR-CDRI) was established in 1951 under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), an autonomous registered Society of the Government of India, as a centre of excellence dedicated to drug research of India headed by the Prime Minister of the nation as its president. The Institute has made significant accomplishments in the pursuit of its mission to New Drugs Discovery & Development of Technologies for affordable healthcare for all, generation of knowledge base and nurturing future leaders for healthcare sector. Today, it has become a unique model for modernized drug research in India – having world class infrastructure facilities under one roof, from synthesis, screening, development studies, process up-scaling to clinical studies in a sprawling campus at Jankipurm extension in Lucknow.

The Institute has developed 12 new drugs including KeenMind (CDRI 08™), and published more than 10,000 research articles  in peer reviewed journals. It has obtained more than 200 Indian and 500 international patents; and produced more than 1,000 Ph.D's.

For more information on the CSIR-CDRI, please click here.

Centre for Human Psychopharmacology – Swinburne University

The Centre for Human Psychopharmacology (formerly the Brain Sciences Institute) is one of Swinburne’s elite research centres. It is a custom built resource to conduct clinical trials to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards and as such it contains state of the art equipment to measure cognition and psychological states such as anxiety and depression, cardiovascular function, biochemical parameters and has blood taking facilities, FT nurse and medical supervision. It also has at its disposal significant new brain imaging resources including new machines to collect multi-channel magnetoencephalography (MEG), electrical brain activity (EEG) or structural and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, fMRI, MRS).

The main focus of the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology is to conduct high quality clinical trials with a range of pharmacological agents including herbal and natural medicines, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs. The centre houses around 35 researchers including PhD students and is actively studying several areas relating mainly to cognitive enhancement and the development of new herbal and nutraceuticals medicines to reduce anxiety and depression. We are currently the largest research group focused on these outcomes with a particular focus on herbal and nutrient interventions. The centre holds and has held several grants from the Australian research Council, the National Health and Medical research Council and more than 50 industry grants from Australian and international vitamin, natural medicine and nutrient companies. Over the last 5 years the centre has published more than 50 peer-review articles in international journals on our clinical trials including journals in psychopharmacology (e.g. Psychopharmacology, International Journal of Psychopharmacology), medicine (Hypertension, Stroke); Psychology (Psychological Science; Intelligence) and nutrition (British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

For more information please visit the website of the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology