KeenMind showcased at Vitafoods Europe 2015

15 May 2015

CDRI 08, the unique Bacopa monnieri standardised extract found in KeenMind, was recently showcased by Dr. Andrea Zangara at Vitafoods Europe 2015 (Geneva), in a presentation examining Bacopa monnieri and brain health. Dr. Zangara is an esteemed Adjunct Research Fellow at Swinburne University (Australia) and Director at Naturalpowermeds Consulting (Spain).

Vitafoods Europe has leading position in the nutraceutical industry event calendar, with a diverse audience, including researchers, manufacturers, distributors and business developers, and an outstanding attendance of 750 exhibitors and 14,000 visitors.

The calibre of the event provided an exemplary platform to showcase the research findings that include specific clinical and pre-clinical evidence of CDRI 08 extract on cognitive functions in children, adults and the elderly. A perspective on new clinical trials on CDRI 08 extract (KeenMind), which are currently underway, was also given.

CDRI 08 extract has over 40 years of research conducted by the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in India and more recently here in Australia. The ongoing trials on KeenMind yet demonstrate the continuous commitment to research of Soho Flordis International.