KeenMind focus of a special issue on Bacopa monnieri published on eCAM

2 September 2015

A special issue investigating the efficacy, safety and mechanisms of action of Bacopa monnieri in the improvement of cognitive function has been recently published on Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM), an international peer-reviewed journal.

CDRI08®, the unique Bacopa monnieri standardised extract found in KeenMind®, is the focus of this special issue, acknowledging the extensive clinical and pre-clinical research that has been conducted on CDRI08 over the past several decades.

The editors of this special issue, Prof. C. Stough, Prof. H. Singh and Dr. A. Zangara have highlighted in their introduction the outstanding research on CDRI08, to which SFI continues to commit significant ongoing research efforts in order to deepen the understanding of the cognitive health benefits of KeenMind on memory and concentration, age-related cognitive decline and learning retention.

But not all Bacopa monnieri extracts are the same and the outcomes of clinical trials conducted on the standardised CDRI08 extract found in KeenMind cannot be generalised to other products.
Reliable and consistent quality is the basis for efficacy and safety of herbal medicinal products. Indeed the process involved in the growth and manufacture of KeenMind with CDRI08 are tightly controlled to produce a high-quality and consistent finished product which ensures that the efficacy and tolerability credentials of KeenMind, which have been demonstrated in clinical trials, can be reliably replicated in clinical settings.

To access the Special Issue on eCAM click here.