Cognitive health and stress levels amongst people’s top concerns

25 May 2015

The annual report ‘Trends in Healthy Aging – A Multi-Generational Perspective’ published by the Natural Marketing Institute’s (NMI) reveals that cognitive health has become of utmost importance and a common worry not only for the elderly, but also for ​younger generations.

​The report’s finding stems from a survey conducted in over 3,600 people in the US. Those surveyed ra​nked brain health high among the​ir​ top 10 concerns in life, second only to having enough money ​in​ retire​ment​. 36 percent share​ an apprehension for losing mental capacity and sharpness as they grow old​er​.

When it comes to cognitive health, memory and stress appear to be key​ ​concern​s.​ In fact, ​37 percent feel their memory is worse than it was 10 years ago and 40 percent find their ability to think clearly is ​hampered by stress.

Consumers are seeking solutions both for maintaining healthy cognitive function ​and to help guard against mental decline and stress. The survey reported that 60% consider it important to prevent future cognitive decline and 40% to reduce stress in their daily lives.

These insights show that there are market opportunities for solutions that are targeted at different dimensions of cognition and ​at ​different age groups, but finding the right solution can be hard for consumers.

KeenMind has ​demonstrated benefits for supporting memory, concentration and mental clarity​ in adults and the elderly.

KeenMind can help you to maintain your mental ​sharpness and focus​ as you age. In addition its​ clinically researched calming effect​ ​ makes it particularly beneficial in times of stress, when calm focus is required​, like during important periods of study and exams or in demanding work environment​s.