Are there any negative reactions to KeenMind?

In rare cases, gastrointestinal reactions have been reported such as nausea, stomach pain and diarrhoea.

Is KeenMind safe?

In clinical trials KeenMind has been found to be well tolerated.

Is KeenMind safe to take with my prescription medications?

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines. Currently there are no known interactions between KeenMind and other medicines.

Can I take KeenMind while I’m pregnant or nursing?

We do not recommend pregnant or nursing women take KeenMind.

Is there any further research planned for KeenMind?

International researchers are committed to building on the body of evidence for KeenMind as a leading cognitive enhancing natural medicine. Please register your details if you would like to be notified when results or updates from any of these studies have been published.