Randomized controlled trial of CDRI 08™ in age-associated memory decline

Abstract: CDRI 08™ has shown enhanced behavioural learning in preclinical studies and enhanced information processing in healthy volunteers. This study is to evaluate the efficacy of CDRI 08™ in subjects with age associated memory decline without any evidence of dementia or psychiatric disorder.

Methods: Double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study was employed. The subjects received either placebo for 16 weeks, or
CDRI 08™ (1 capsule) twice a day for 12 weeks followed by placebo for another 4 weeks (total duration 16 weeks). Each subject was evaluated for cognition on a battery of tests comprising mental control, logical memory, digit forward, digit backward, visual reproduction and paired associated learning.

Results: CDRI 08™ produced significant improvement on mental control, logical memory and paired associated learning during the 12 week drug therapy. No serious side effects were observed.

Conclusions: CDRI 08™ is a safe and effective drug for age associated memory decline.

* Raghav S et al. 2006. Randomized controlled trial of standardized Bacopa monniera extract in age-associated memory impairment. Indian J. Psychiatry, 48: 238-242.

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