Flordis is one of the natural medicine brands owned by Soho Flordis International (SFI), and is dedicated to bringing healthcare professionals the very best natural medicines from around the world. Flordis provides best-evidenced natural health solutions which are backed by the latest modern medical science and knowledge about herbs and other natural medicines.

SFI was established in 2010 following a long collaboration between Flordis Pty Ltd and SOHO Group. SFI is an international provider of clinically researched natural medicines and is committed to ensuring that people globally have access to the best natural medicines supported by clinical studies performed on the exact finished product. Rather than basing claims on highly variable ingredients, this higher standard enables the selection of safe, appropriate and effective treatments.

We provide educational support for healthcare professionals and provide products based upon specific clinical trial evidence, with consistent quality and a transparent supply chain.

We operate across the globe and are dedicated to building an international community of leading herbal and medical companies, experts, scientists and researchers to collaborate in the development of natural medicines with high specific evidence.